Boost your fitness

If you’re looking a way for your fitness boost in Northampton or Milton Keynes, then make sure your next destination is Top Jump Trampoline Park at Northfield Drive, Willen Lake.

Open Sessions

Trampolining is a great way to boost your fitness; it offers a great cardio workout by increasing your breathing and heart rate, whilst at the same time you’re having fun bouncing around and enjoying yourself. You get all of this without the jarring of the joints that makes other fitness activities unappealing.  Book one of our open sessions with friends and boost your health and wellbeing. All the fun and laughter you’ll experience is proven to have a positive effect on your mental well being too.


If you want something different from the usual workouts to offer, why not join in one of our TopFit classes. These sessions are bound to give a boost to your health and fitness in the Northampton and Milton Keynes area; our instructors will put you through your paces.


There is nothing more toddlers like than the boost they get from bouncing up and down on a trampoline so why not book one of TopTot sessions which are aimed at the under 5s. We’ve got parents from all around the area, including Northampton, Milton Keynes and surrounding villages, bringing their youngsters to get a boost and experience the fun and excitement at our Willen Lake premises.

Autism and Disability Sessions

Top Jump also offers special sessions for autistic and disabled children. These sessions offer a great boost in the Northampton and Milton Keynes area for children with various disabilities. The happiness on their faces and the fun they have really made the trip to see us worthwhile for the parents and carers.


So if you really want a great time and a boost to your fitness, book a session today at Top Jump Trampoline Park, Willen Lake, Milton Keynes.